REVILUTION got its start when Dan Seitz and Marie Burgess were introduced by a mutual friend in October of 2011. Dan had dreamed of being a professional musician all his life, and when Marie heard some demos he had recorded, she decided that his music deserved to be heard by the world. As an artist herself, she felt something special from those rough mixes; exclaiming, "You're already a star!", she changed her own life path to help him realize his goals. (I'm not making this up). By November she had procured a sixteen-track digital recorder for Dan to use, and by February Dan had two songs recorded and ready for release as singles. He performs all the instruments on his recordings: lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, drums, keyboards, and lead and backing vocals. He also operates the recorder alone, from laying down initial tracks through final mastering of the finished product. His first full-length album, "The Monster That Made The Man," was officially released on June 7, 2012, a year to the day after he moved to California to pursue his music career full-time.
Dan has performed on stage with Zakk Wylde, Phil Soussan, Gene Simmons, and Kip Winger. He's also jammed with Vince Neil and Sebastian Bach (I'm not making this up, either). He is bulletproof, and he can fly (okay, NOW I'm making things up). He resides in Moreno Valley, California, and is currently working on his second album.
Marie Burgess is a talented vocalist in her own right, having also performed on stage with Gene Simmons and Kip Winger, and singing with Sebastian Bach. She creates all the artwork for the albums, demonstrating a keen insight into the music and helping tell the stories with her pictures. She is also the administrator for the music pages, and recruits new fans daily. In her spare time she races dragsters, walks tightropes between skyscrapers without a safety net, and flies relief missions into the Middle East in a specially modified Blackhawk helicopter (yep, I made that up, too). She only races her new Vette. To the posted speed limit.
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