REVILUTION describes the basic human construct, that none of us are inherently "good" or "evil," but both, wrapped in a fragile, fallible shell. Our "good" side is represented by our love, compassion, and understanding, our "evil" side by rage and frustration. However, "evil" traits are what we use to do good; seeking justice for a victim, having the courage to help the less fortunate, comes from inner rage and frustration, and wanting to help and protect others. Even seeking to break away from an oppressive or cruel leadership requires that you feel angry, and therefore motivated, to force a change that will not only help you, but also those who fight with you. This "evil" can be hidden, tucked away in the dark, dusty corners of our psyche, but it exists nevertheless, ready to answer any call to action. Our music carries this message to the people; we encourage everyone to see beyond the surface, to find the hidden truths within yourselves, within each other, and within society. To find where changes must be made, and make them. To have a REVILUTION.

REVILUTION got its start when Dan Seitz and Marie Burgess were introduced by a mutual friend in October of 2011. Dan had dreamed of being a professional musician all his life, and when Marie heard some demos he had recorded, she decided that his music deserved to be heard by the world. As an artist herself, she felt something special from those rough mixes; exclaiming, "You're already a star!", she changed her own life path to help him realize his goals. (I'm not making this up). By November she had procured a sixteen-track digital recorder for Dan to use, and by February 2012 Dan had two songs recorded and ready for release as singles. He performs all the instruments on "The Monster That Made The Man": lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, drums, keyboards, and lead and backing vocals. For their second album, "Clues: $1" (released in 2014), Marie stepped up to lay down backing vocals on all songs, and performs both lead and backing vocals on "Betrayal (Stream Of Conscious)," which is also her first foray into writing complete song lyrics. Dan operates all the equipment himself during the recording process, from initial tracking of instruments up through final mastering, with Marie lending her ears throughout the process to help ensure quality sound. REVILUTION's first full-length album, "The Monster That Made The Man," was officially released on June 7, 2012, a year to the day after Dan moved to California to pursue his music career full-time, with "Clues: $1" coming two years later. They are currently working on a cassette-only EP release, and a third album is in the works, with drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Kill Devil Hill,) contributing his signature style to one song already.
     Dan and Marie have recorded and performed with Zakk Wylde, Phil Soussan, Gene Simmons, Kip Winger, Vince Neil and Sebastian Bach (I'm not making this up, either). They are bulletproof, and they can fly (okay, NOW I'm making things up). They reside in Moreno Valley, California.
     Marie creates all the artwork for the albums, demonstrating a keen insight into the music and helping tell the stories with her pictures. She is also the administrator for the music pages, and recruits new fans daily. In her spare time she races dragsters, walks tightropes between skyscrapers without a safety net, and flies relief missions into the Middle East in a specially modified Blackhawk helicopter (yep, I made that up, too). She only races her new Vette. To the posted speed limit.
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